Pay less

This system has been built using many thoughts collected over 15 years to find a new solution to the most important things companies miss these days.
Through studies and experiments with our clients, we assure you that our system will help you to obviously pay less than before.
You will save about.

98% of management and development costs.

An easy to use system and easy to connect with other systems.

96% of collecting money process.

You won’t need to pay much money to a huge number of collecting, sales, drivers, cars, maintenance employees or shops, branches, money transfer companies, electricity bill … etc.

99% of transaction time.

Thousands of successful transactions can occur in minutes instead of hours or long days.

Comprehensive E-Payment Gateway Solutions QuickPay

It’s an invented service that offers practical solutions for electronic payments that enables private and governmental companies with different balances and sizes to receive money electronically from their clients in an easy and professional way as it enables others to step in the world of E-commerce.

  • Connect your local bank account.
  • Accept payments with traditional bank visa cards.
  • Accept payments with international credit cards.

How to benefit from our service?

  • Reservations, registration, paying rents and donations.
  • Down payment, monthly payments, debts and premiums.
  • Direct products selling or connecting with shopping carts and other systems.
  • Connect with your website
  • Connect with phone apps
  • Payment with registration
  • Direct payment without registration
  • Connect with shopping carts and other systems
  • Quick purchase (payment) feature
  • Payment through SMS
  • Payment through Email messages
  • Connect with social networks
  • Facebook events’ tickets

Our clients

There’s a huge list of our clients who benefit from our service either companies or individuals.





Taylos humain devlopement


Awal Plastics


Most important features

System and service has many features like.

Direct deposit

direct deposit money from the client’s card to your bank account without any fees.

The lowest bank fee

we help you get the lowest bank fee you won’t find anywhere else.

Private control panel for your clients

with a password for every client to review paid and unpaid bills with more features.

Registration system

we provide an integrated registration system to all of your clients.

Currencies support

we support all currencies and connect multiple gateways with different currencies.

SMS & Email notifications

you and your clients will get a notification on your cell phone or on your Email address.

Extra features and systems

Quickpay doesn’t only provide unique and invented solutions for the first time in the Arab nations for electronic payment gateways or facilitating receiving money process instead of traditional methods or foreign payment gateways that don’t provide comprehensive solutions for the Arab nations but it’s a comprehensive system with many amazing features.

Electronic billing system

One of our most important services is the integrated electronic billing system which saves you much money and effort. It helps you manage your financial transactions in an easy and accurate way. Our electronic billing system has many features like

  • Creating bills with your commercial identity
  • Sending bills through SMS
  • Sending bills through Email
  • The ability to specify a payment method for every bill
  • Detailed reports and search capability

Electronic payment gateway

For the first time, we provide electronic and traditional payment methods at the same time in an invented and easy way and you won’t need to pay more money to integrate local and international gateways anymore.

  • Enable or disable any payment gateway
  • Direct connect with the local bank
  • Immediate notifications through SMS and Email
  • Specify currency and conversion rate
  • The option to add extra fees to any client

More features

Make your clients feel unique with a private control panel like other huge companies which contain their personal information and detailed information about their bills which specifies bill status and more details about it.

  • Transaction archive
  • Private control panel for every client.
  • Control panel to your company
  • API control panel
  • Services and events registration system

Developers’ options

Whether you are a professional or an intermediate programmer, you’ll be impressed with the easy way we provide that enables you to connect your system or your app with our service in less than 5 minutes.

API connection method

API connection solution with multiple options suits your idea, style and your business. With the least information you can connect your system with our service just send your business number registered with us and the fund so you can make a successful, secure and accurate transaction.

  • Connect with HTTP link
  • Connect with POST - GET – BackGround
  • Allow the client to choose the suitable payment gateway or force him to pay through a specific payment gateway
  • No need for any extra programming if you choose optional registration
  • The option to use simple or advanced connection method
  • Quick pay (transaction) page

In addition, we have an experienced team in the field of connecting websites with our system who can help you efficiently.

Free plugins

If you are using shopping carts or any other system and wish to connect it with our service, you’ll get outr plugin (module) like:

  • Quick Payment Page
  • OpenCart
  • Magento
  • SMS Pro
  • Rahal Travel
  • Shop Go
  • Khair Plus

This list is updated automatically and continuously and our team can develop any plugin on any other system.

Supported Banks

Our system features supporting most of the local bank systems in more than 120 countries around the world. Many banks prefer us on other systems to connect their clients with our system in an easy way. In addition, it’s very easy to transfer money from any debit card around the world to your bank account directly. Some of these banks:


Next are some of the most important questions we get and if you have any other question please contact us.

We support more than 31 banks all over Sudan . You’ll find a list of these banks here or in the payment gateway setup process.

Your clients can pay with any visa or credit card like Mastercard , Amarican Express , JCB , Paypal, KNET , BENEFIT , VISA and these types depend on the payment gateways you activate.

You can receive the paid money directly through your bank account and this feature could differ from bank to another or according to the credit card used in the payment process.

Please contact us and we’ll add your bank or provide the suitable consultant to find the alternative bank.

Because you’ll get many features to develop your business and obviously lower your costs.

Start now

Just one more step to develop your business and move from the charged traditional way to a profitable electronic way